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Thomaston Real Estate Agent Opens New Brokerage Just For Sellers

Thomaston CT Real Estate Agent
Pictured here Kathleen Logan, Broker of Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County and Steve Schappert, home improvement & real estate expert and founder of Sellers Trust Real Estate.

Sellers Trust Thomaston Connecticut  Real Estate is a concept for  a new real estate brokerage dedicated maximizing equity and profits for home owners is opening its world headquarters and first office in Thomaston Connecticut at 147 Elm Street.

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Are you interested in listing & selling your Thomaston Connecticut Real Estate ?  Whether it be a single family home, condominium, townhouse, multi family, farm, ranch, land, building lot, apartment Sellers Trust Real Estate will be able to help you maximize the value and then sell it for top dollar!

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English: Thomaston Opera House, Thomaston, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sellers Trust Real Estate & Home Services will stand by you and never throw you under the bus by trying to represent the buyer in your transaction.



  1. INTERNET PRESENCE – You found us because of our #1 Ranked Websites, and Thomaston your home will be found quickly. Since 90% of buyers use the internet to search for a home, you want to list your home  with the Realtor that has the best internet presence. Sellers Trust was created Steve Schappert, Schappert also owns The Green Marketing Company and has created and managed over 500 real estate and construction websites.  We also place your home on all the other top sites, including, Trulia, Zillow, etc.
  2. PRICING – The strength of Realty Trust Corp comes from its depth. The Real Estate Appraisal  Business is a sister company and our agents are trained by our appraisers to determine value. We know that if a home is priced wrong, nothing else will make a difference. The first thing we do is price your home correctly. We will provide information from the MLS system, reviewing each listing FOR SALE personally to see how it compares. We want to make sure we get the full value for your home…by pricing to the current market, we can get the maximum price in the minimum time.
  3. BUYER’S HOME WARRANTY – We purchase the one-year home warranty for our listings, covering the listing period and for the buyer’s first year. This gives both the seller and the buyer one less thing to worry about.
  4. CLEANING-REPAIRING-STAGING – Yes we own a fully licensed and insured home improvement company as well as a decorating and home staging business. Together with our stager we will go through the house with a fine-tooth comb. We then review what needs to be repaired, painted, cleaned and redecorated. We like to make sure our listings are as turn-key as possible… this competitive market demands it.
  5. PRE-INSPECTION – We always recommend inspecting the home beforehand. The building inspection report displayed on your kitchen table tells the world that you care, and your home is in top condition. Finding out about problems with your home after you sign an offer puts you in a very difficult negotiating position.
  6. PHOTOGRAPHY – The language of real estate is photography. We will photograph your Thomaston home at each appointment to make sure we have dozens of photos to choose from… everything from the interior and exterior to the neighborhood and nearby homes. The photos are used in the MLS, on our websites, on the weblog, and in print advertising.
  7. WE SERVICE OUR LISTINGS – We hold Open Houses until your Thomaston house is SOLD. There are an awful lot of under- represented buyers out there and we want them to see your home. We Do NOT engage in dual agency. We can either recommend a buyer agent or serve them as a customer at a reduced commission.

What Does It Take To Get This Kind Of Value…

There is no one else who works in this way with their clients. Another Realtor might offer staging or take a few photos. But no one else works from a rigorous marketing strategy with specific items geared to sell your home incorporating marketing your property on the No. 1 ranked websites!

How Much Does All This Service Cost… ?

Nothing extra. We charge the same commission as local Realtors. I consider it a privilege to take this journey with my clients. Thomaston Single Family Home Listings Thomaston Condominium Listings Thomaston Multifamily Listings Thomaston Land Listings Thomaston Rentals

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