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About – Decorating and Home StagingDecorating and Home Staging

Our Mission: To help you look your best with cost effective, sustainable solutions. We provide a balance, offering cost effective maintenance, construction and decorating services as well as hi tech solutions that make life easier to live, and more profitable. BIOS Building Technologies provides painting, wall paper, decorating, home staging, carpentry, drywall and smart, green technology such as Tesla batteries, SolarCity solar panels and thermal coatings that keep your home or business warm in the winter and cool in the summer. GROWING A GLOBAL NETWORK:  BIOS Decorating and Home Staging is part of a real estate & construction network devoted to sustainability that includes the following divisions and companies developed by Steve Schappert. BIOS Building Technologies, CT Smart Home, Connecticut Paint & Thermal Coatings, Carpentry Realty Trust Corp, Buyers Trust Real Estate, Sellers Trust Real Estate, Realty Trust Commercial, The Real Estate Appraisal Business, BIOS Property Management,  BIOS Decorating and Home Staging, Solar Ambassador,  and The Green Marketing Company.

Source: About – Decorating and Home StagingDecorating and Home Staging