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What do the top listing agents do every day? – CT


Published on Oct 20, 2015 Find out what the top listing agents do every day to achieve their goals. Develop a routine, strict schedule, and more. If you would like a free coaching consultation to determine which areas of the business you can improve upon, visit http://www.MikeFerry.com or call 800.448.0647 and sign-up today!

last week in fort lauderdale-hollywood what a great group what a great group of brokers and thank you to all the agents in July to superstar retreat we actually set an all-time company record for the number of people that joined our coaching during that retreat.

we couldn’t break the record but we certainly tried because the audience in Fort Lauderdale is half the size of that in our program
also Vegas but boy are the agents excited about what we’re doing and I’m excited that you’re excited because that keeps me wanting to help you share more with you so we’re going to look at today is a little bit shorter topic than normal and that is what exactly do all the top listing agents do every day.

it’s an interesting question what is the nearest retrain a great listing agent just a regular listing agent and then that Shia group of agents that kind of pretend like they’re working well it always comes back to first things first all the top listing agents have a defined definitive strict schedule that they follow the old it and I don’t care I’m talking to an agent and Anchorage Alaska I’m talking about cholera cardio and Milwaukee or Mike Doherty in Cape Coral or i’m talking to Neil waco in Los Angeles they all have a great schedule a follow that’s a big plus for this way if without the schedule they can produce a little bit for doucette so the question is what’s in the schedule so I broke down what’s in their schedule to poor five categories I want to think about well if you and I can take what somebody else does this producing at this level and we can duplicated with their attitude we can then duplicate a lot of the results that they get so understand that the schedule is duplicate Apple and the activities are duplicated that’s what makes a great listing agent for real estate agent so I wrote down for five things that they do during the course of the day that you should consider doing yourself obviously number one
prospecting lead generation I guess they usually generation you go into a tussle a great I can do that if I say prospect you might want to do that it’s the same thing ok it’s finding a way to get yourself in front of people who talk about listing and selling real estate now do you honestly believe that a person assisting 45 8 10 12 15 20 homes a month is not in a constant conversation about buying and selling real estate was somebody that’s what they do they’re great  prospectors and I don’t care where you go in North America you meet a great listing agent you’re gonna be talking to a great prospect because you gotta find a way to get from the people all the time that’s why that hopes we keep hearing its ok you don’t have to talk to people you know just be on Facebook and just textin tweet and Twitter and blog you know it’s it’s just total complete absolute
bounces how often do you get listings coming to you on a regular basis not talking to people then so prospecting is a big part how much you gonna prospect that’s up to you probably an hour a day eight or ten contacts a day every day never miss a day the second part of the day that is so important is the role play and practice the role play and practice you’ve got it at some point except the fact that professionals practice everything they do always have always will always in a state of saying how do i improve my performance
professional singers actors dancers in practice all the time
professional athletes practice all the time that’s all they do is practice well all we’re asking of you is 30 minutes forty minutes once a day scripts in your hand and you’re reading My Love looking into a mirror with a smile on your face trying to get yourself excited about what’s going to happen when you go to use these groups because they work practice time the third thing I wrote down his preparations they’re going to spend a certain amount of time 30 minutes an hour so do you preparing for all your appointments because there is certain things that you have to do you know I
haven’t a system might i dont have to do is wait a minute you have an assist you have to do and why because certain things have to be done by you to get to the point that you can go on the active listing presentation the poor thing I rode down with presentation time I think about this you open up your schedule in the morning and it looks like this blank nothing on the schedule or your banner here we go to class schedule you got Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday formerly the morning to late in the afternoon and let’s say three times Monday Wednesday Friday at four o’clock
you write the word presentation time words presentation time and then you work all week to fill in the names of people to fill those slots but a doctor does US attorney does your line has the schedule try to fill the seats while you’re trying to feel the presentation times now let’s be honest if you really did spend most of your time trying to get one person on a presentation could you do it the answer is yes what does not happen you’re not spending the time trying to get somebody to present why because you don’t have a target each day
to import without a target what do you hit air when you hit the wall to see this go back to what I said during the retreat or if your broker said you tomorrow you well take a listing residential in the next three days and if you don’t you lose your license for life and you go to prison for five years but you get a listing of course you’re good you would list your own home you do it every time just to give her license out of prison and it would be overpriced every time you would have it target you gotta have a target gotta have a goal and you have something in your plan that you’re aiming for his all the top agents always have a target so I want you to think about this ok how much time are you spending doing productive things everyday the lead to listings how much time you spending targeting appointments which lead to list all the great listing agents have a schedule they follow they have certain parts of schedule of the meticulously following they do it every day well for those are a 3G last week thank you for being there is always great to have a great group of people go to work with I hope you enjoyed it as much as it appeared you did and more importantly she using the ideas that we talked about it either case will continue making October great next week thanks for being with us this week

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