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Connecticut Team – Decorating and Home Staging

karenKaren Bierce Karen Bierce is a decorator, home stager and event planner in Litchfield County. She is often referred to as a young “Martha” (Stewart that is)…..With over 25 years experience in the arts which included designing, decorating and furnishing studios for professional photographers. Her latest endeavor, alongside her husband is flipping houses. She is on a mission and its to “decorate the world” one home at a time. With a natural ability to organize any space, she can transform your home into a one of a kind, warm and inviting showpiece. Her hobbies include; treasure hunting, repurposing, cooking & entertaining, gardening, photoshop and decorative arts. She resides in Roxbury, CT. with her husband and 3 children.

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Home Staging – Decorating and Home StagingDecorating and Home Staging

The Real Importance Of Home Staging And Why IT May Be The Best Solution For You Some of the best home staging TV shows have shown us how staging works and what kind of concept it is. However, home staging is different behind the cameras and in real life – and if you thought it is only an entertainment to keep you satisfied and occupied, it is actually one of the best techniques to sell a luxury home in a top destination. So, what is home staging? Home Staging represents the art of preparing your house specifically by accenting its features through organized furniture arrangement and color choices. With home staging, you are off to representing your home in the best way possible and eliminating any obstacles that may hinder your future buyers. Now, you may be thinking: Does Home Staging really work? The answer is YES, and here is why. The concept of home staging delivers a house shown in its best condition oriented on specific furniture placement made by professionals. The design elements including the highlighted focal points and proper organization of elements so that a larger space is created are inevitable to present the home in the best scenario. Additional aspects of home staging may include tasteful wall colors, neat home decor and design and in general – creating an emotion in your present home – so that any home buyers can fall in love with it. When it comes to home staging your apartment or house, here is what the buyers most likely see: a staged home that is perfectly decorated while within the owner’s budget an uncluttered staged home with removed excess items so that the focus will be on the best features of the home delivering a pleasant atmosphere with easy pathways and organized furniture a staged home for a wider range of buyers – neutralizing the specific home decor and making a house attractive to many groups of buyers In the end, the main benefits of home staging are the higher asking price, the faster sale time of your home as well as the greater rate of return. Although home staging is a small investment, it can pay off big in the long end – giving you the real estimate for your house and a satisfied homeowner to be living in it.

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