Ron Diorio

Ron Diorio is the Broker of Sellers Trust Real Estate in Connecticut.

Ron Diorio has over 35 years of appraisal experience which insures that his clients receive professional, honest evaluations and timely delivery of all reports.

Before becoming a real estate appraiser Ron Diorio was a major league pitcher and played for the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. The same dedication that made him a major league player has made him a highly respected appraiser for FHA, residential, commercial, and industrial property as well as tax appeals.

GOING GLOBAL:  We are now hiring agents & appraisers in Connecticut.  35 years has been invested in the operations side of real estate appraisal, we are going to use that experience to help others succeed in the business around the globe, starting right here in Connecticut. We are bundling a group of real estate and construction services under one roof called The BIOS Center. Locations are planned around the globe.  If you would like to be part of Sellers Trust or the appraisal team contact our business development manager Stephen Schappert at 203-994-3950.

Diorio Appraisal Services of Connecticut prepares appraisals for all types of real estate including single and multi-family residences; condominiums and apartment facilities; office buildings, commercial and retail properties, industrial properties, shopping centers, restaurants, and all classifications of land. We have evaluated and appraised existing and proposed residential subdivisions as well as multi-unit condominium developments.