Investment Opportunities With Global Real Estate Brokerage

Investor opportunities for Social goodEverybody says the money is in the listing side. Real Estate brokers tell their agents to focus on the listings, real estate trainers tell their clients to focus on the listings.  However, Nobody will commit to the seller.

In a competitive market you need to stand out in a crowd.  Sellers Trust  will be the one company that says:

  • We Only Represent The Seller
  • We Never Use Dual Agency Disclosure forms.
  • We Will Recommend An Exclusive Buyer Agent
  • We Will Service A Buyer As A Customer
  • We Will Discount Our Commission If A Buyer Buys Direct

We will stand out in a crowded market place and we will succeed because of our laser sharp marketing focus and our dedication to our client’s needs.

This creates  an opportunity for investors that recognize a profitable model.

Call Steve Schappert to see how you can profit.  203-994-3950