Exclusive Listing Agent

Sellers Trust Real Estate is an exclusive listing agency.

This means unlike the majority of companies out there, we only represent the seller.  We are recruiting listing agents around the world that want to become the premeir listing agent in their area or already are and want to work with a company that is dedicated to maximizing real estate values.

What is an exclusive listing agent?

An exclusive listing agent is  a very rare breed. A real estate agent that helps homeowners sell their home  and does not represent buyers. Listing agents list client homes on the MLS and negotiate the best possible price and terms for the home seller.

Listing Agent

Defined by Financial Web: The listing agent is also sometimes referred to as the seller’s agent. This is a real estate agent that is going to work exclusively with a seller. A seller will contact them and let them know that they want to sell their house. The listing agent will then set up a meeting with the seller. The listing agent will then evaluate the property and run a comparative market analysis on the home and will provide the seller with information. They will give the seller a ballpark range of their home’s value. The listing agent and the seller will then come to an agreement as to how much to list the property for. The agent will then provide the seller with a contract to solidify the authority to represent the seller.

At that point, the listing agent is going to begin marketing the property of the individual. Listing agents are typically very good at marketing and they tend to specialize in this area. They will use a variety of techniques and tools such as listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service. They will also conduct open houses in your property in order to allow people to see the house from the inside in an informal setting.

The Listing Agent is the Seller’s Representative

Listing Agent vs. Buyer Agent: Who Works for You?

“That means the listing agent has a legal obligation to work on the seller’s behalf—to get the highest possible price and the best terms available for the seller, not the buyer.

The listing agent legally is obligated to share any information they learn about the buyer with the seller. If a potential buyer walks into an open house and strikes up a conversation with a personable listing agent, any information divulged there can be used against the buyer during eventual negotiations.

So telling a listing agent you are relocating within the next month for a new job at a high profile company with a great offer that increased your salary so now you can afford more house than before? That can hurt you later if it comes to a bid on the property.”