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New Connecticut Real Estate Brokerage Offers Undivided Loyalty to Sellers

Thomaston CT Real Estate Agent

Pictured here Kathleen Logan, Broker of Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County and Steve Schappert, home improvement & real estate expert and founder of Sellers Trust Real Estate.

Steve Schappert of The Green Marketing Company and BIOS Building Technologies has launched Sellers Trust Real Estate.  The new company only represents sellers and never uses dual agency agreements. Drawing on a lifetime of experience Schappert’s new company specializes in prepping, staging and marketing homes to maximize seller profit.

Kathleen Logan signed on as the designated broker for Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County in April and Sellers Trust Real Estate LLC was formed on April 15th.

Kathleen Logan, Broker contributes over 25 years of experience in real estate transactions to every seller who would like to sell in today’s buyers market.

I am proud to be a part of this new concept. I am proud to be a part of this new company, Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County. Real Estate has been a lifelong career for me. I grew up in a Real Estate environment lending firsthand experience with property leasing & management, to operating a Real Estate company in Thomaston, CT.

Sellers Trust exemplifies real estate sales done right for me.  When I owned and operated my own company for 16 years, back in 1995, representation for the seller was understood and buyer brokerage did not exist. In contrast, today, buyer’s broker contracts are mandatory in the state of CT. Most agents are highly motivated to have a buyer brokerage signed to get paid wherein Seller representation is technically there (through the agency) but is it really practiced?

Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County is a new company designed to Represent Only Sellers! How refreshing it is to specialize in this niche of real estate! Sellers need this specialized representation and it’s time they get it!

At Sellers Trust of Litchfield County, we have a comprehensive marketing plan for every seller. We have major professional marketing strategies! Your home will be so advertised it will be seen from around the world, to your neighbor and right up to your doorstep. You will be proud to have the Sellers Trust Real Estate sign in your front yard! Stephen Schappert, founder & proprietor of Sellers Trust Real Estate is a marketing rocket and he leaves no stone unturned for your home to be featured.

 Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County & Sellers Trust World Headquarters are located at 147 Elm Street Thomaston.  The property was built and owned by Seth Thomas, the world famous clock maker in 1854. The home was designed by Palliser and Palliser of Bridgeport CT and was featured in the book American Victorian Cottage Homes published in 1878.  In the mid 1870’s the home was purchased by EG Bradstreet an executive at Seth Thomas Clocks. The home is currently referred to as Doc Sampson’s house by locals, many of whom had been delivered by Doc.

Why “In Dual Agency, the Brokerage Firm does not represent the Buyer or Seller exclusively, and the parties cannot expect the Brokerage Firm’s undivided loyalty.”   – Chapter 1, Page 19 Connecticut Real Estate Practice and Law, Dearborn.

Our corporate office located 147 Elm Street, Thomaston, CT.


Kathleen Logan, Broker  860-459-4330

Steve Schappert, Founder 203-994-3950