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New Brokerage Grows Community Roots by Planting Trees

“Every time we sell a property or hire a new agent we will plant 10 trees.”Steve Schappert

“Sellers Trust Real Estate is a social business enterprise, we earn profit so we can give back”, says Sellers Trust founder, Steve Schappert. Sellers Trust Real Estate of Litchfield County just opened for business at 147 Elm Street in Thomaston, CT. Kathy Logan of Thomaston is the designated broker.  The location will also serve as world headquarters.  The first 10 trees have been ordered and will be planted in the nursery at our office until they become established.

Birch TreesSellers Trust is teaming up with the Arbor Day Foundation. Trees make a world of difference and Sellers Trust is embracing the opportunity to make a difference for them.  “Our clients and staff can decide whether they want to plant trees locally, repopulate the rain forest or add to a national forest. Together, we can green up our communities,  and make an impact on our planet”, said Schappert.

Our Communities:  People need a place to call home and a community is an extension of that feeling. Planting trees with my staff and clients  provides a great bonding experience and adds a sense of permanence and pride in our accomplishments.

Our forests: They provide wildlife habitat, natural beauty and recreational opportunities. They filter our air and our water. They are vital to life as we know it. And they need our help. Critical efforts to revitalize forests across the country—and around the globe—are underway to ensure that they live on for future generations, and Sellers trust is proud to be part of the solution.

Tropical rain forests cover just 2% of the earth’s surface, and yet they provide habitat and food for nearly half of all known living species. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, provide us with new medicines, and protect many of the undiscovered wonders of our planet. Rain forests are a beautiful, vital part of life. And they need our help.

Rain Forest Rescue® is making important strides by supporting Sellers Trust and communities in their efforts to protect, sustain and restore tropical rain forests.

Sellers Trust Real Estate is an Exclusive Seller Broker. Agents and brokers make a commitment to their clients to provide undivided loyalty and never use dual agency disclosure forms. Schappert said, ” I feel that once you make a promise to do the very best for a client you should keep that promise. The common practice of signing an exclusive right to represent and then signing a dual agency disclosure that allows the agent get paid by both parties in a transaction without representing either just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Sellers Trust improves, stages and lists property for sale to maximize seller profits. Trees add value to your home, regulate the temperature of your neighborhood, and provide food for wildlife.

Schappert can be reached at 203-994-3950


Entrepreneur Creates New Real Estate Brand To Keep Mothers Dream Alive

chrissy's gardenSteve Schappert of Thomaston CT is launching a new kind of real estate company.  Sellers Trust Real Estate LLC is being structured as an employee owned social business enterprise.   An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is being developed to provide the company’s workforce with an ownership interest in the company with no upfront cost to the employees.

Schappert says, “As agents and brokers join the network our sales and more importantly our knowledge base will grow.  Every sale generates more profits that will fund more social good.”  The company’s primary focus is land conservation and affordable housing. Each and every sale will produce a donation of either money or volunteer effort.  The company will contact the conservation and housing authorities in each community they work in to identify needs.

In the early 1990’s Schappert and his mother served on the Brookfield Conservation Commission. Schappert’s mother, Christine Schappert served on the board and Schappert was the project manager for the Brookfield RiverWalk.  Schappert wrote the first grant proposal for the Riverwalk and lead a team of 45 volunteers to create a 2 mile loop.  Christine Schappert was battling cancer and before she passed was able to create the Brookfield Nature Center by working with a team of engineers to create the environmental studies that convinced the town to purchase the 16 acre parcel.   Schappert says, “The town has done a great job of maintaining the property, but Mom and I discussed plans to have educational functions there and I hope to make that a reality.”

Schappert plans to take a global leadership role in the creation and inspiration of smart growth development. Schappert says. “Demographic and economic factors are changing around the world, there is an increased demand for smaller, greener housing that has a sense of community. Fortunately I was blessed with an amazing father as well, William Schappert spent 45 years of his life drafting zoning regulations. What I have learned from Dad will help me pave the way with new regulations that  allow an evolution in the housing industry.  Sellers Trust is our sales division and simple first step.”  To learn more about how you can help call 203-994-3950