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 An Exclusive Listing Brokerage Is Born.  

At Sellers Trust Real Estate All We Do Is List Real Estate.  Would you like to be the only exclusive listing agent in your town?  We are hiring 100 exclusive listing agents in Connecticut.  Sellers Trust Real Estate is “THE ONLY” exclusive listing broker in Connecticut and quite possibly the world.  A surprisingly new concept!  Everyone in real estate says, “Get The Listing”.  But nobody says, “We Exclusively Represent The Seller.”  Why is that? Money, they don’t want to give up the double dip by promising to get the best deal for both the buyer and seller.  Sellers Trust knows that our exclusive listing agents will be more productive and therefore more profitable without tossing anyone under the bus by specializing and standing out in the marketplace by doing the right thing.

Here Are 7 More Reason To Do Business With An Exclusive Listing Agent

  1. AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGENT PROVIDES LOYALTY: We are the ONLY Connecticut brokerage that exclusively represents sellers and provides undivided loyalty. You will NEVER sign a dual agency disclosure!  Sellers Trust and our agents made a decision to keep it simple, we sell homes & land.  We put your best interests first.
  2. AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGENT OFFERS LOWER FEES: We are a new Connecticut based company. We have dramatically lower overhead and operating costs due to our revolutionary business model and we are able to pass the savings on to our agents and clients. Choose from flat fee and full service options that work for you.
  3. AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGENT IS HI-TECH: Are you looking for a tech savvy agent that can maximize the exposure of your home? The real estate market has changed dramatically in recent years.  Business as usual is absolutely not the way to go.  Our technology partners help us do things better, faster and cheaper. This means we can reach more potential buyers for you in less time and have more time in the day to give you the personal service you deserve.
  4. AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGENT HAS EXPERTISE: All of our agents are teamed up with world class real estate trainers for ongoing education and coaching. By specializing, it is much easier to increase expertise. Our marketing efforts are laser-focused.  We don’t compete on multiple fronts. We list property, this simple branding method saves money on our bottom line and enables us to spend more to promote your property.
  5. AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGENT CAN RECOMMEND COST EFFECTIVE & SUSTAINABLE IMPROVEMENTS: Do you want an expert to help you decide which improvements need to be done to maximize your profit? BIOS Building Technologies is our sister company with decades of experience working with banks, investors and home owners to identify and implement cost effective improvements that increase profitability.
    • STAGING & VIRTUAL STAGING: BIOS also provides professional staging services, and virtual staging can be provided at a fraction of the cost.
  6. AN EXCLUSIVE LISTING AGENT KNOWS MARKETING: Sellers Trust Real Estate was created by The Green Marketing Company, a full service marketing firm that now works exclusively for the Realty Trust real estate and construction network. Our writers and social media experts are at the beck and call of our agents and clients.
    • SOCIAL MEDIA: We operate hundreds of social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Google+. Your home will get global exposure almost instantly.
    • PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY: Each of our listings is photographed professionally, drone photography is available.
    • MAPS & WALK SCORE: Sell the advantages of your location. Walk Score is the only international measure of walkability and the leading provider of neighborhood maps to the real estate industry.
  7. BUILDING A BETTER WORLD: We plant 10 trees every time we hire an agent or sell a home. We are structured as a social business enterprise.  Our goal is to earn profit in order to do more good. As an employee owned conglomerate our team can grows financially along with Sellers Trust, Buyers Trust & Realty Trust Commercial.

 Sellers Trust Real Estate Helps You Prep, Stage & List Your Home & Land To Maximize Your Profits.  Now  You Can Sell Your Home Faster & For More Money.

Are you thinking of selling your home or land?   Sellers Trust Real Estate is an exclusive listing broker and will never ask you to sign a dual agency agreement. Selling your home or land for top dollar is our only concern.

"In Dual Agency, the Brokerage Firm does not represent the Buyer or Seller (or Tenant or Landlord) exclusively, and the parties can not expect the  Brokerage Firm's undivided loyalty."   - Chapter 1, Page 19 Connecticut Real Estate Practice and Law, Dearborn.  Sellers Trust Real Estate Never Practices Dual Agency.

The Vision:

Do the right thing and do well by doing good.  Help property owners increase profits by implementing cost effective and sustainable solutions before listing the property. Then provide a comprehensive marketing program to maximize exposure and minimize market time.

The Mission:

Live with Integrity.  Create a Global Real Estate Agency that provides exclusive seller representation. A listing broker that never practices dual agency. A company that makes one promise, to do the best for the seller and then keeps that promise period.

You wouldn’t ask your pediatrician to do brain surgery and you would be wrong to assume your  spouse’s attorney is looking out for your best interests in a divorce.

So why would you trust your home sale and potentially your life savings to an agent that is representing both sides. Dual Agency allows agents to get paid on both sides of the transaction without representing either. Sellers Trust Real Estate Represents the Seller period. We represent the seller to the best of our ability every time.

“Repetition is the mother of all skill.” ~ Tony Robbins

What’s In A Name?   Everything!

In a fast paced world of endless advertising you have a fraction of a second to stand out in a crowd. The company name should embody your values and your company’s distinguishing characteristics.  In a heartbeat the name Sellers Trust Real Estate telegraphs to the world who is most important to us and what we do.  We are Exclusive Listing Agents that only represent the the seller. Founder, Steve Schappert said, “ I believe long term business success comes from putting the client first, so it made sense to name the company after my clients instead of naming it after me.”

Focus Leads To Success

  • You become a great golfer by practicing your swing over and over.
  • You become a great chess player by practicing your strategies over and over.
  • You become great at sales and marketing by practicing your skills over and over.
  • You become an Exclusive Listing Agent by making a conscious decision to do everything you can for the seller.

Legendary real estate trainer, Mike Ferry released a report  suggesting agents pick one side of the transaction.

“I believe the skill set of an agent who works with buyers is completely different than the skill set of an agent who works on listings. Yes, they both have fundamental skills that all salespeople need … the ability to manage your time, the ability to follow up on leads, the ability to prequalify, the ability to present, etc.”

Mike Ferry went on to state:  “… The skill set of a listing agent and buyer’s agent are different from that point forward, meaning the ability to present in a fashion that causes a buyer or seller to sign a contract. … I (have thought) for years that when an agent gets their license they should have to actually declare, ‘I want to work with buyers’ or ‘I want to work with sellers.’ The majority of agents do not have the total package of skill sets to do both and, in most cases, aren’t willing to learn them…”  Learn more

We List Property. We Do It Exceptionally Well.

Exclusive Listing Agent
Exclusive Listing Agent

At Sellers Trust Real Estate we believe in focused efforts.

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Sellers Trust Real Estate LLC has been filed and approved by the state.   The office is located at 147 Elm Street in Thomaston.  The location also serves as the Sellers Trust World Headquarters.

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